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A Little About Us 

GGC can be described in one word: FAMILY!!


I know, I know... a lot of churches SAY that, but our visitors say that they really do feel like family when they come in the door. Most of us at GGC feel like we just don't fit anywhere else, we've even heard folks say, "I feel like a misfit at other churches." 


At GGC we are not concerned with what you wear, how troubled your past was, or your doubts. GGC was originally launched because we wanted to create a church that was as close to the New Testament model as we could possibly get today. We wanted raw Christianity and we wanted a group of folks who genuinely loved the Lord and cared for one other.

What does that look like?

 We frequently come together to give furniture, household goods, food, clothes and many other items to one another in times of need. Most of us are not wealthy families that have a lot of extra to give, but we are a church family that gives wholeheartedly to one another, even in the midst of our own trials. Our church even came together and purchased a used car for a young lady who was in desperate need.

You will often see "adoption" in our church. Often times we will have a young man or woman who has come from a terrible family environment, or has a very broken past, and they come to us and find spiritual mothers and fathers in the GGC family who "adopt" them.

We've literally stopped in the middle of service before to pray over someone who is hurting, and needs to feel the love of Christ extended to them. We do have a "structure" to our services, but we're absolutely fine with that being changed when the Holy Spirit leads us to do something else. We're not unorganized, but more organic in our gatherings.

If this sounds like something you might be looking for, give us a try. We're not everyone's cup of tea, but we are a refreshing drink to many.


You are always welcome here.

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