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What to Expect

ATTIRE: Jeans and t-shirts are common fare at our place. Seriously, we just want you here, so those sweats are OK too. The only way you'll feel uncomfortable is by wearing a suit and tie (not even our pastors do that).


WHEN YOU ARRIVE: When you turn on to Sweeney Circle from Homestead, the building the church meets in will be on the right. You'll see some GGC flags, pull in and park anywhere. There is handicap parking if needed.

ENTERING: We know no one likes to be surrounded by folks when new, not even well meaning friendly ones. So we don't do that. Someone will greet you once inside, but then you are free to get a coffee or sit anywhere you please. However, I'm not going to kid you, we are a friendly bunch, and it is more than likely that some folks are gonna come say hi - it's just who we are. 

THE SERVICE: We start with a welcome, worship together with some contemporary worship songs, then hear the week's announcements. After those, while the kids head to Kids Church, and because we're all about community, we usually mingle for a while and catch up with each other. If this is too much too soon, just stay seated, our folks will get the hint - no worries, really!

THE WORD: After a bit, Pastor Rob (PR) will call your attention to the message. Since PR was a youth pastor for over 20 years, he speaks through a very conversational style with lots of stories and analogies, and usually speaks for 25-35 minutes. 

AFTER: We close with a final song and everyone is dismissed. Since we rent the building each week, you'll see folks start packing everything away. Most of our people will hang around and talk for a good while, but please feel free to scoot on out if you want - no one will think a thing about it.

That's it - not too scary. We hope you'll join us soon!

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