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Youth Ministry

As a Youth Pastor for over 20 years, I (Pastor Rob) wanted to add this page myself. I pastored a group of middle and high school students, that when I left, was running almost 150 kids every week, in a church of only 500 people. I've seen the good that can come from Youth Ministry in this form, but I've also witnessed the bad. I watched a terrible trend year after year; students who attended and were "fed" by our ministry each week, but who never became engaged in the life of the church. Many times those children walked away from their faith after graduation and I began to see that they were "renting" faith not "owning" it. 

At Greater Grace Chapel, we don't have a typical ministry TO youth, we have a ministry FOR youth. At GGC, your student can engage in many areas of service that would be unavailable to them at most churches, especially larger ones. We encourage our teens to be involved in many ways:


- Music Ministry: by joining the Worship Team

-Children's Ministry: by serving in Children's Church

- Hospitality Team: by working the Coffee Bar or greeting folks

- Setup Teams: setup chairs, sound board, children's room, etc.

- Outreach: Helping with different outreach events as needed

If your goal as a parent is for your teen to be entertained, or to have ministry done FOR them, we're not the place for you. However, if your goal as a parent is to see your teen engage in ministry each week and use their spiritual gifts to serve the kingdom of God, we may be just what they need. Even if you decide to take your teen to a youth ministry at another church during the week (many of our students in our previous youth ministry attended other churches Sunday morning with their families), it's hard to beat the opportunities afforded to students here at GGC.

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